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“Preservation is knowledge” – or: cRIsp it! – #iPRES2012 (5)

5 oktober 2012 Gepubliceerd door Laat uw gedicht achter

All of us together know a whole lot about file formats, data structures and relevant standards, and about tools to interpret digital objects – in other words: representation information. But the information is scattered in many places. The formal registries do not seem to mature quickly enough – there is duplication, lack of engagement, lack of content, and lack of use. “That is a big fail for our community,” said Paul Wheatley on Wednesday. Together with Maureen Pennock (and Andrew Jackson) he presented a new, very light-weight crowdsourcing tool that is intended to bring that knowledge together and make it more accessible: cRIsp. – by Inge Angevaare

The nice thing about cRIsp is that you can contribute to the pool of knowledge through social media such as Twitter or through a Google form. You simply send the URL with relevant information to bit.ly/crisp-dp.

The idea, Pennock said, is: “First to get the data, then to make it useful and make it powerful. It is a bottom-up approach.”We first want to get the prose, and then we hope to move on to RDF and linked data.”

Here is how it works: the data that come in are manually curated and then picked up by web archives for long-term preservation.

In a jam-packed Giovanni room, some questioned the amount of trust such a crowd sourcing approach could generate.

A jam-packed room on Wednesday morning for cRIsp

But Pennock was confident: “We rely on the wisdom of the crowd to correct any inaccurate input.” Kevin Ashley of the UK Digital Curation Centre agreed with that assessment. He told the room that he had good experiences with crowdsourcing initiatives.

Paul Wheatley and Maureen Pennock: “This is perhaps not a complete solution, but it is a beginning. We need the community to make it a success.”

With little or no funding behind it, the success of this project will depend on:

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