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“of Fairies & The Keepers Dot Org” – #LIBER2012 (3)

28 juni 2012 Gepubliceerd door 3 Commentaren

Peter Burnhill of Edina (Edinburgh) made the day at the LIBER 2012 conference with this brilliant one-minute pitch for his poster about the Keepers Registry which is a new initiative to record which e-content (books & journals) is being preserved by which archives in order that libraries may be secured of uninterrupted access in case of major disruptions (reproduced in full with permission, thanks Peter!):

Peter Burnhill

I want to tell you a story,

of Fairies & The Keepers Dot Org

Your shelves don’t hold e-journals,

And what is online might, without trace, disappear!

Beware of the three Bad Fairies,

Neglect, Decay and Loss.

I now tell of The Keepers,

Some with strange names

like CLOCKSS, Portico, eDepot & HathiTrust

And national libraries with familiar games.

The Keepers are Good Fairies who will act as your digital shelves.

But what do you really know of the journals you care about?

So, beware of two more Bad Fairies

Called Ignorance & Missing Metadata

• Do you know who cares for the orphans?

• And are all your volumes held secure?

Looking for a Happy Ending?

Then come to the Fairy Grotto at the bottom of the Poster garden

– Close by Registration

& visit The Keepers Registry

online @ thekeepers DOT org

If you want a Very Happy Ending:

then be a friend to the Keepers

and tweet:

LIBER Loves The Keepers Registry!


This Good News Story has been sponsored by JISC, and is an EDINA and ISSN Network co-production.

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