The Great iPRES 2019 Digital Preservation Bake-Off

20 januari 2019 Gepubliceerd door Laat uw gedicht achter

Ever wonder how workflows are implemented in other repositories? Do you have a suspicion that there might be a perfect tool for your specific type of content and problem out there, but you haven’t found it yet? iPRES 2019 has the right session for you and needs your input!

The Great Digital Preservation Bake-Off

This year, iPRES 2019 will bring you the Great Digital Preservation Bake-Off. The Bake-Off is THE chance for vendors & developers to present – and curious digital preservation minds to inquire – how tools fare in comparable situations. We are really looking forward to hear the community’s input – your challenges, questions and suggestions will be the ingredients and recipes to a great event! Read all about the Bake-Off – and how we need your input – in Michelle Lindlar’s blog. 


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