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Workshop Verzamelen en archiveren van sociale media (VOL)

5 november 2020 Gepubliceerd door Laat uw gedicht achter
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14:00 - 14:45


Join us for a practical social media archiving workshop on this year’s World Digital Preservation Day! This workshop will include a brief introduction to two approaches to archiving social media, i.e. webpage recording/crawling, and API harvesting.

We will use two very user-friendly tools to explore these two approaches, namely Webrecorder Desktop/Conifer, and TAGS. The workshop is addressed to starters in social media archiving at an archival organization, and its aim is to introduce them to the basics of the nitty gritty work of capturing social media content. The two tools are both accessible and easily usable even without advanced technical skill, and we will use them to delve into creating a small-scale social media collection in practice. Tips, things to look out for, and questions and answers arising out of the day’s session, but also from the participants’ personal experience with using such tools, will be also discussed.

More information

On November 5th, during World Digital Preservation Day (Werelddag van de Digitale Duurzaamheid), we will organise several workshops around the topic of digital preservation. For this online workshop we have a maximum of 20 participants. Spoken language: English. One week before the start of the workshop you will receive a Zoom link. Questions? Please contact Elisabeth Wiessner via: elisabeth.wiessner@netwerkdigitaalerfgoed.nl

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