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IIPC Web Archiving Conference

6 juni 2019 Gepubliceerd door
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06-06-2019 - 07-06-2019
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Westin Hotel Zagreb

The National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) is hosting the 2019 International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly (GA) and Web Archiving Conference (WAC).

The General Assembly (#iipcGA19) will be held in the Westin Hotel Zagreb on June 5th 2019, followed by the Web Archiving Conference (#iipcWAC19) on June 6th & 7th 2019.

About the 2019 IIPC GA and WAC

The National and University Library in Zagreb is a member of the IIPC since 2008. “It is a privilege to host the 2019 IIPC GA and WAC in the year that HAW is celebrating its 15th anniversary.” The NSK, in collaboration with the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre(Srce), developed  a system for capturing and archiving  Croatian web resources  – the Croatian Web Archive (Hrvatski arhiv weba – HAW) in 2004. The Library is developing the Croatian Web Archive (HAW) with the aim of collecting and preserving Croatian cultural and scientific heritage from the web.

More Information

Details about the conference, including information about travel and accommodation, are available at www.netpreserve.org/ga2019. For questions, please e-mail iipc2019@iipc.simplelists.com

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