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Europeana 2019

27 november 2019 Gepubliceerd door Laat uw gedicht achter
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27-11-2019 - 29-11-2019
17:00 - 16:00

National Library of Portugal

250 professionals with interest in tech, copyright, education, research, impact and communications will explore where those communities can meet and how each specialist group can support each other. 


Europeana 2019 isn’t simply three days listening to others talk. It’s a real hands-on affair with workshops, discussions, panels, interaction and networking. Encompassing tech, copyright, education, research, impact, communications and more, it’s being designed for all those with a stake in digital cultural heritage.

Find out more about the draft Programme.

About Europeana 

We transform the world with culture. We build on Europe’s rich cultural heritage and make it easier for people to use for work, learning or pleasure. Our work contributes to an open, knowledgeable and creative society.

We bring together the organisations that have great content with the people and sectors that want to research, share and create new things. Creative collaboration and teamwork matter to us, because that’s where the best ideas come from.


Europeana 2019 is being held at the historic National Library of Portugal, Lisbon, whose vast and diversified heritage covers almost ten centuries of Portuguese history and culture.

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