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Activating the Archive

26 mei 2018 Gepubliceerd door
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26-05-2018 - 29-05-2018
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EYE Filmmuseum

How can audio-visual collections be mobilized for the common good? How can (future) preservationists, curators and programmers be trained to achieve this goal? In May 2018, the EYE International Conference will explore answers to these and other questions, in a programme entitled Activating the Archive. Audio-Visual Collections and Civic Engagement, Political Dissent and Societal Change.

The annual EYE International Conference explores contemporary archival and academic debates, catering to film heritage professionals, scholars, archivists, curators and restorers. This year, more than fifty speakers from around the globe will represent this diverse community of professionals.

Read more on the EYE Conference website.

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