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Web archiving: the next steps

After watching Web archiving – Here to stay and Web archiving – We’re stronger together, you know why web archiving is important and how you can benefit from the expertise and experience of other heritage institutions. The Digital Heritage Network brings organisations in the Netherlands together and facilitates knowledge sharing, creating a common agenda, and setting up a national web archiving register.

More information

At the moment we are running the project Coordinating web archiving and building the National Register for Web archives. Also, there is an expert group consisting of 10 professionals from diverse heritage institutions in the Netherlands. The expert group has been active since the end of 2016 and wants to promote collaboration and further professionalisation of heritage institutions.

At this moment, information about these activities is only available in Dutch. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact Arnoud Goos, Project Leader for Web Archiving, at agoos@beeldengeluid.nl.


Screenshot from the video Web archiving - Here to stay

Screenshot from the video Web archiving – Here to stay

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