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Expert group Web Archiving in the Netherlands

Many institutions in various sectors have a need for national coordination in the area of ​​web archiving in the Netherlands. This allows them to enter into mutual partnerships and share knowledge more widely. That is why the Dutch Digital Heritage Network set up its expert group Web Archiving in the Netherlands, which is aimed at promoting collaboration and professionalisation in the field of web archiving.


Over the next years, the expert group will focus on the following activities:

  1. National catalogue: a ‘catalogue’ that is being developed in the context of the Digital Heritage Network, which will initially be an overview of web archiving initiatives and archived websites, along with information about URLs, frequency, goals, tools and long-term access. Management and awareness of this catalogue are other important aspects. A future perspective will be the development of a single central portal or platform that gives users access to the combined ‘web collection of the Netherlands’.
  2. Knowledge: promoting knowledge exchange and increasing the level of knowledge about web archiving at the institutions.
  3. Collaboration: stimulating broad collaboration in web archiving and helping to develop common facilities.
  4. Knowledge products: contributing to the development of guidelines and assistance.
  5. Legal: discussing and addressing legal obstacles.
  6. Technological: discussing and addressing technological matters. Current tools, wishes for the future, setting up a Technology Watch.

The expert group Web Archiving in the Netherlands at the symposium on web archiving at Sound and Vision on 17 November 2016. Left to right: Marcel Ras, Arnoud Goos, Robin Lassche, Nick Chapel, Barbara Sierman, Antal Posthumus.


Members of the expert group:

  • Arnoud Goos – chair (Sound and Vision)
  • Kees Teszelszky – chair (National Library)
  • Barbara Sierman (National Library)
  • Peter de Bode (National Library)
  • Jeroen van Luin (National Archives)
  • Antal Posthumus (National Archives)
  • Robin Lassche (Dordrecht Regional Archives)
  • Ronald van der Steen (Heritage Inspectorate)

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