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Visible Digital Heritage

In the Visible Digital Heritage work programme we bring the network institutions together to work on three major themes: demand articulation, visibility and competence development. We are in charge of the expansion and follow-up of qualitative and quantitative customer and market research and of impact assessments. We ensure that the smart facilities being developed under the Usable Digital Heritage work programme are deployed to deliver effective end-user services. We are also setting up a network of online marketeers tasked with devising a strategy for digital visibility. Finally, we promote the development of knowledge and competences within the Network. The results of these efforts will be available to all heritage professionals through these pages.

More information

For more information, please contact Chris Groeneveld, domain manager Visible Digital Heritage, via chris.groeneveld@netwerkdigitaalerfgoed.nl or 06 51 44 80 00.

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