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Usable Digital Heritage

The Usable Digital Heritage work programme is aimed at improving the online findability of digital heritage information, which is now available in a very fragmented way only. To achieve this, we support heritage institutions in jointly presenting and sharing collections online. The various activities focus in particular on the realisation of business to business services for heritage institutions. We also look at possible collaboration with suppliers and private parties.


Since 2015, the following reports and vision documents have been published, which are available to all interested parties. They outline what this network of heritage information will ideally look like. General documents about Usable Digital Heritage that are available in English are listed below.

More information

If you have any questions about the visions and documents published, please contact Wilbert Helmus, domain manager Usable Digital Heritage, via wilbert.helmus@netwerkdigitaalerfgoed.nl or +31 6 50 49 95 53.


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