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Knowledge & services

From 2015 to 2017, the partners collaborating in the Dutch Digital Heritage Network delivered many knowledge tools and services. The aim of the network is to make them as accessible as possible to all professionals and organisations in the heritage domain. Everything that is developed within the Digital Heritage Network is intended for cross-sector use as part of a national network of facilities by and for heritage organisations.

For each of the Digital Heritage themes (Visible, Usable and Sustainable Digital Heritage), this overview presents the knowledge and services that have been developed and that are available in English.

We also use other facilities for developing and sharing knowledge. For example, the Digital Heritage Network participates in the Knowledge Network for Information and Archives (KIA), where topics such as architecture, web archiving and preservation are discussed in thematic groups.

Collaboration with DEN

The implementation of our activities is coordinated with ‘THE BASICS’ (a set of minimum requirements for digitization activities) and with the expertise collected by DEN, the Dutch knowledge institute for digital culture, among other things. Results of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network’s activities are fed back into the project base, the knowledge base and THE BASICS. From its website, DEN offers access to various standards for the preservation of digital heritage and information about their application.

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