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Webinarseries Persistent identifiers: Overview of PID systems (1/3)

18 May 2017 Published by
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16:00 - 17:00

On May 18th, June 1st and 13th the European THOR project organizes a free English language series of three webinars on Persistent Identifiers (PID’s). By allocating these unique identification numbers to digital heritage objects, we can ensure their online findability and battle link rot.

Marcel Ras (NCDD and the Digital Heritage Network) and Remco van Veenendaal (Digital Heritage Network and Dutch National Archives) are part of the organizing committee and will host the third webinar on choosing the type of persistent identifier most suitable for you.

Webinar series

THOR describes the webinar series as follows:

“Join us for a series of three webinars focusing on applications of persistent identifiers (PIDs) for the digital preservation community. The first webinar will explain what PIDs are and why they are important. The second will dive a bit deeper, giving more insight into how to use PIDs and which services can be of particular interest to people working within digital preservation. The series will end with an introduction to the PID (s)election guide: how to determine the most appropriate identifier for your needs. All webinars will offer enough time for Q&A. Following these three webinars you will be fully up-to-date on PID systems in the digital preservation community.”

Webinar 1: Overview of PID-systems

The first, introductory webinar takes place on May 18th and is hosted by Jonathan Clark: ‘Are you intrigued, interested or simply a bit confused by persistent identifiers and would like to know more? Then this introductory level webinar is for you! The webinar will be especially interesting if you are working with digital archives and digital collections. We hope you will get a clear understanding of what persistent identifiers are, why they are important and how trustworthy they are.’
For more information and registration for this webinar, please visit the THOR website. The overview of all three webinars is also availabe.

More basic informatie on persistent identifiers can be found on the NCDD’s page on persistent identifiers.

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