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Transformation Digital Art 2019

21 March 2019 Published by
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21-03-2019 - 22-03-2019
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Transformation Digital Art symposium is designed as an opportunity to share best practices concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digital and software-based art. Inviting international participants from an array of professional backgrounds, the symposium continues in the tradition of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions but continues to push further, questioning what strategies could be developed in order to take artworks of an inherently digital, performative and processual nature into the future. In two days with lectures, workshops and panels LIMA wil share knowledge on this complex topic. Through collaboration with artists, museums, archival professionals, scholars and collections, the symposium responds to the question: What new strategies can we develop in order for born-digital art to become future proof?

Read more on LIMA’s website.

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