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Back to business – and off to Brisbane (#ICA_2012)

16 August 2012 Published by 3 Comments

Judging by my e-mail inbox, most of us are back from our holidays and getting ready to get back to business – the digital preservation business that is. Remember what that is all about? Here is a pictorial summary which I recorded at the recent LIBER conference in Tartu:

Here’s Yvonne Friese of ZBW, the German National Library of Economics, proudly presenting her organization’s newly developed automatic ingest procedure …

… and here is Yvonne using her 1-minute poster pitch to express her emotions about all those non-valid PDF-files that keep interfering with the process.

Can anybody please help Yvonne?

Brisbane: ICA 2012 conference

Meanwhile I am mentally preparing myself for the long, long trip to Brisbane, Australia, for the 2012 conference of the International Council for Archives (hash tag: #ICA_2012; the underscore is vital). After reporting on two library conferences this year (LIBER DP workshop + six preceding posts, LIBER annual conference + preceding posts), it is about time to give the archives their due attention. How are the national and regional public records archives dealing with the digital preservation challenge? Find out all about it next week right here.


(BTW: Thanks, Yvonne, for allowing me to use the images. Here is the full ZBW poster:)

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