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Collective marketing: Memory of the Netherlands

Drawing up your family tree, a chain store selling a backpack with a Rembrandt painting on it, or discovering the former residents of a house in a historic neighbourhood online: examples of what you can do with heritage information as soon as it is digitally available.

Research shows that there is great interest in digital heritage, and that there are opportunities to promote the use of digital collections stored by museums, archives, libraries and other heritage institutions. This will be a double gain: more people will experience the richness of our digital heritage, and heritage institutions will notice their collections being increasingly visited and used.

Joint marketing

That is why the Digital Heritage Network partners are joining their digital heritage marketing efforts. We will do so under the colours of Memory of the Netherlands (‘Geheugen van Nederland’), which is an appealing name that strikes the right note. In the coming period, we will investigate how we can best support institutions with an awareness-raising campaign and products for specific audiences.

The Memory of the Netherlands brand

The Memory of the Netherlands brand is currently being used for an online image bank of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, stamps, posters and newspaper clippings from more than a hundred Dutch museums, archives and libraries. It is a service maintained by the National Library of the Netherlands (KB). The KB is one of the nodes in the Digital Heritage Network and makes the Memory of the Netherlands brand available for collective marketing of digital heritage. In consultation with its Digital Heritage Network partners, the KB will ensure a transition from the current Memory of the Netherlands.

More information

In the first half of 2019, we will actively discuss the collective marketing of digital heritage within the sector. If you would like to discuss this with us, please contact Leo Schutte of the Digital Heritage Network.

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