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Organisations and datasets in the network

There are some 1,500 institutions in the Netherlands that manage heritage collections in their own way. Who are those organisations? What heritage is in their collections? The project Organisations and datasets in the network goes in search of them and collects the metadata from their collections. The metadata is compiled in a common register. This should make it clear which collections there are, whether there is any overlap between the collections or whether they are related to each other in other ways.


This project aims to bring information about the institutions (organisations) and their collections (datasets) together at a web location that is easily searchable. In this way we will build a national register of heritage information.

Intended results

  1. We will collect the metadata from the institutions’ collections and convert them to Linked Data.
  2. To properly describe the metadata, we will make an ontology, a structured way of recording information about collections.
  3. We will create a prototype of the register’s application programming interface (API).
  4. We will determine how the register shall be managed and maintained in the future.

Project participants

  1. Lieke Verhelst (project lead)
  2. Sjors de Valk (information analyst)
  3. Roland Cornelissen (developer)
  4. Ed de Heer (working group leader, National Archives)
  5. Enno Meijers (principal, domain manager Usable Digital Heritage)

More information

If you want to know more about the project, contact project lead Lieke Verhelst.

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