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LOD and PID at the source

Users of heritage data must be able to trust that they are using the best data available. The responsibility for providing the best and most up-to-date data lies with the institution that manages the heritage. That is why the institution’s collection management system (the source) is the most obviously logical place to manage and publish the data. Here, the supplier of the system will play a central role. The supplier supports the heritage institution in its task of providing the public with the best data. And the best data, as defined by the National Strategy and DERA, are in Linked Open Data (LOD) format and have been provided with sustainable web addresses (persistent identifiers, or PIDs).


We consider this project to be successful when major suppliers will have adapted their collection management software in such a way that heritage institutions can manage and publish their information according to NDE principles. In other words, the data manager at an institution must be able to use the collection management software to:

  1. assign a sustainable web address to each object, so that users can refer to it;
  2. easily establish links to terms in a variety of terminology sources, such as standardized geographical names, personal names or subjects;
  3. publish the data automatically in Linked Open Data format.

Intended results

The results of this project will be:

  1. adapted collection management software;
  2. knowledge among suppliers (and their most important customers) about applying the NDE principles for managing and publishing heritage information.
  3. In order to demonstrate that collection management software works as intended, we try to create as many datasets as possible. Developers will be able to use these sets, for example at HackaLOD.

Project participants

  1. Ivo Zandhuis (project lead)
  2. Roland Cornelissen (developer/advisor)
  3. Enno Meijers (principal, domain manager Usable Digital Heritage)

More information

If you want to know more about the project, contact project lead Ivo Zandhuis.

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