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Federated search

In this research project we want to gain more knowledge about federated search and working with backlinks. Federated dataset searches, which evolve around the user experience, are a relatively unknown phenomenon in the world of digital heritage. For example, Linked Data Fragments can offer a solution for problems that we are currently experiencing in the provision of linked data via SPARQL endpoints, because there are not enough of those public endpoints available.

In collaboration with researchers Ruben Verborgh and Miel Vander Sande (Ghent University and imec), we will continue our research based on use cases in which various linked data sources are queried simultaneously. The results can be used in the Visible Digital Heritage work programme to improve the user experience of front-end staff and end-user services.

Intended results

  • Knowledge product: Research report with recommendations for the implementation of federated search

Project participants

  •  Ruben Verborgh and Miel Vander Sande (Ghent University and imec)

More information

For more information about this research, please contact Enno Meijers, domain manager Usable Digital Heritage.

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