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Training and education

In this project we are developing a training programme in which employees of heritage institutions gain the knowledge they need to make digital heritage visible, usable and sustainable. They can then get started with the facilities that are available in the network. We are also creating a train-the-trainer programme to ensure that there are enough professionals who can transfer the knowledge.


It is important for the training programme to match the knowledge requirements of heritage institutions – even those that have not yet sorted out their digital collections. That is why collaboration with the digital heritage coaches of the provincial support centres is so important.

There are a lot of training and information materials on offer today. We do not intend to replace them with an entirely new training programme. Only where necessary will we supplement the existing range of training materials or ensure that they are tailored to the heritage sector.

Intended results

We will realize a training programme that meets the knowledge needs of employees of heritage institutions:

  • Training materials will be available on all relevant topics and be presented in various forms. They will be offered in a modular way, which means that everyone can use them as needed.
  • Key topics will be Learning to Preserve; Linked Data; Usage Profiles; Sustainability Policy; and Copyright/GDPR.
  • The materials will include trainer instructions to enable everyone to provide training themselves.
  • Existing training programmes, such as the Learning to Preserve course, will be further developed.
  • There will be courses for using the generic facilities in the network.
  • There will be a train-the-trainer programme.
  •  The training and support materials will be made available and will remain available to all institutions.

Project participants

This project is carried out in collaboration with training partners and other parties in the field of expertise promotion, including OPEN (provincial heritage institutions), the Reinwardt Academy, DEN (national knowledge institute for culture and digitalisation), LCM (national point of contact for museum consultants), and KIA (expertise platform for information and archiving).

More information

If you have any questions, please contact Marian Hellema or Marjon van Schendel..

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