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Press and communication


If you have questions about the Digital Heritage Network, we will be happy to answer them. Please contact communicatie@netwerkdigitaalerfgoed.nl.


“More and more collections of archives, libraries, media, museums and knowledge institutions are being made available online and in digital formats. The Digital Heritage Network was set up to enable the heritage sector to jointly develop a system of facilities and services for improving the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage. In the network, heritage institutions can improve their effectiveness and efficiency by sharing and scaling up knowledge and services. By linking heritage information, we also ensure greater social added value of our digital heritage and offer users a better and richer experience.

The Digital Heritage Network was created in 2014 on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Five sectoral focal points (National Library, Cultural Heritage Agency, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, KNAW Humanities Cluster and National Archives) play a pioneering role in their respective sectors. In addition, provincial and thematic focal points play an important interconnecting role. We strive to ensure that as many heritage organisations and partnerships as possible, large and small and all over the country, continue to join the movement.”

Logo and corporate identity

Corporate identity handbook

Since October 2018, we have been using a new corporate identity that fits in better with today’s network. The identity and logo chosen are flexible and can be combined with the identities of network partners. For more information, see the corporate identity handbook (PDF).

Presentation template

The presentation template can be downloaded for PowerPoint and Goggle Slides. You can insert your own institution’s logo next to or above the Digital Heritage Network logo.


You will find the logo set below. The logo is sometimes used stand-alone, sometimes with a connecting line to the page border. You can even adapt it to your corporate colours. In the logo guidelines you can read how this works.

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