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To keep abreast of international developments and share our own knowledge and experience abroad, we maintain contacts with a number of international organisations and partnerships in the field of digital heritage. This fits in with the Digital Heritage Network’s ambition to collaborate without limits.


Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC): In April 2018, DPC and the Digital Heritage Network signed a friendship agreement, aimed at international cooperation for promoting digital preservation. This agreement is a follow-up to the collaboration that had existed between the NCDD and DPC since 2014. Joint activities are aimed at professionalism, knowledge exchange (webinars), contributing to international standards, among other things. We also work together on events such as the Digital Preservation Awards and International Digital Preservation Day.

Open Preservation Foundation (OPF): In April 2016, the NCDD and OPF signed an agreement on more intense collaboration in the field of digital sustainability. Objectives include shared planning documents, joint educational activities and promoting sustainable software. Due to the merger of the NCDD into the Digital Heritage Network, the agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) was renewed on 31 January 2019.

International network

Some highlights from our international network:

In addition to collaboration at the organisational level, there are contacts with many individual experts in the field of digital heritage. The network also benefits from the international contacts that the participating institutions make.

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