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Participate in the Digital Heritage Network

Dozens of Dutch heritage institutions, partnerships and knowledge organisations from various sectors are currently working together in the Digital Heritage Network to set up a system of national facilities to make our digital memory more visible, usable and sustainable.
The Digital Heritage Network is there to support all institutions, partnerships and knowledge organisations in the Netherlands in the field of digital heritage. Has your institution joined the network?


By joining forces and combining our knowledge, facilities and strengths, we, the heritage sector, are better able to extract added value from our digital heritage to serve the user with. There are various ways in which you can participate in the network:

Sign the manifesto

Being part of the Digital Heritage Network means working according to certain principles and a shift from “institutional thinking” to “network thinking”. A growing number of organisations from the heritage sector support this approach and believe that we can only get the most out of digital heritage if we work together. They therefore sign the manifesto of the Digital Heritage Network.

Participate in projects

In the domains of Visible, Usable and Sustainable Digital Heritage collaborative projects are carried out by project groups in which various institutions and sectors are represented. We would like to hear from you when you see a connection with one of the projects. In that case, please contact the project lead or programme manager listed.

Use knowledge and services

Through their collaboration in the Digital Heritage Network, institutions have realized valuable knowledge and services, available to all heritage institutions. Think of models, tools, reports, best practices, standards and white papers. The aim is to let as many heritage institutions as possible benefit from them.

Attend meetings

In the Digital Heritage Network, knowledge is being shared in various meetings, ranging from large conferences to expert session. You are very welcome to attend them.

Experts panel at mini conference Learning to Preserve.

Experts panel at mini conference Learning to Preserve on 12 September 2017 at Het Nieuwe Instituut. From left to right: Charles Jeurgens (Leiden University & UvA), Chantal Keijsper (BRAIN/KVAN), Marjan Grootveld (DANS / Research Data Netherlands), Frans Neggers (Het Nieuwe Instituut) and Rick Beldman (Regional Archives Nijmegen), and moderator Puck Huitsing (War Sources Network).

Share your expertise

Within the network, experts in specific areas join forces in working groups in order to share knowledge, coordinate agendas and be stronger together.
Experts also play an important role in transferring knowledge to the wider heritage community: as speakers at meetings, by supervising workshops or by acting as coach or guest lecturer.

Join the conversation

In the network there are a number of consultative bodies in which the course and activities are determined. These bodies are made up of representatives from all parts of the network.

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