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Mission and vision

The mission and vision of the Digital Heritage Network are based on the National Digital Heritage Strategy.


The Digital Heritage Network was set up with the mission to develop – with all of the heritage institutions in the Netherlands – a system of facilities and services for improving the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage. Together we thus lend more social added value to our digital heritage.


More and more collections of archives, libraries, media, museums and knowledge institutions are being made available online and in digital formats. Only by working together can we make optimum use of our digital collections and keep them accessible. To enable this, institutions and partnerships in the heritage sector need knowledge, services and facilities that can be shared. The Digital Heritage Network is the meeting, coordination and collaboration point that makes this possible.

Mini conference Learning to Preserve

Evaluating the mini conference Learning to Preserve at Het Nieuwe Instituut, 21 September 2017. Photo: Marco de Swart

Concrete activities

The mission and vision translate into a large number of related activities that all contribute to the mission. Here, people from various institutions and sectors work together on common goals. The activities are bundled into three domains: Visible, Useful and Sustainable Digital Heritage. View all activities

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