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About us

The Dutch Digital Heritage Network (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed) is a partnership in the Netherlands that focuses on developing a system of national facilities and services for improving the visibility, usability, and sustainability of digital heritage. The National Digital Heritage Strategy (PDF) is our guideline. The network is open to all institutions and organisations in the digital heritage field. Together we can make the most of our digital heritage and preserve it for future generations.

Open network

The Dutch Digital Heritage Network was established in 2014 on the initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The founders of the Network are large, national institutions that strive to professionally preserve and manage digital data (the National Library, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency, the Humanities Cluster of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Archive), the DEN Foundation and the INNL portal. Since then, a growing number of heritage organizations and portals (theme based, region based and domain based) both within and outside the heritage sector have joined. We encourage all professionals and organisations to join this movement and take part in the network. Also, we highly value our relations with international partners, as digital heritage should cross all borders.

Joining forces

In March 2018, the Dutch Digital Heritage Network joined forces with the Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation (NCDD). Since 2008 the NCDD had provided a platform for national, cross-sector collaboration aimed at keeping our digital information permanently accessible. Two years of close collaboration with a shared mission and vision have led to the logical decision by the Boards of the NCDD and the Digital Heritage Network to continue as one organisation. All digital preservation activities in the Netherlands are now concentrated in the Dutch Digital Heritage Network, creating a single national collaboration platform for all institutions that lends more strength to their activities.

More information in English will soon become available. Please contact us if you are looking for more information.


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